About | Maps

The Maps page contains data associated with many different Heroscape maps.

The page contains a dropdown that lets you choose the name of a map. After choosing the map, the known data for the map is displayed on the page.

Map Information

The following data is displayed for each map (when it is known):

  • Author
  • Build Instructions
  • # of Players
  • Terrain Requirements
  • Tags
  • Image
  • Tournaments hosted on Heroscape.org that used the map


A series of tags are used to describe various maps. A list of those tags appears below.

Map Groups:

  • ARV
  • BoV
  • WoS

Map Formats:

  • Burnout
  • Heat of Battle
  • Scraps


  • Casual
  • Large SZ
  • Small SZ
  • Team
  • Tournament