Buy Heroscape | Renegade Game Studios (Affiliate)

For anyone who doesn't know, Heroscape is back! Renegade Game Studios acquired the license for the game from Hasbro and is re-launching a new era of Heroscape, with initial products announced and expected to release/arrive in August 2024.

On March 12th, 2024 I was approved as an affiliate for Regenage Game Studios' Affiliate Program.

Essentially, this means I was provided with a link that anyone can use to purchase products from Renegade's website (Heroscape, or any other game) and I receive a 10% commission from any sales using my link.

My affiliate link :

I know there are several prominent members of the Heroscape community who already have affiliate links in place, all of whom are deserving of support. I hope for this to be one link of many in a (hopefully) ever-growing 'Scape community.

If you buy new 'Scape, whatever you buy, and wherever you buy it from, Happy 'Scaping!

- Chris Perkins (Owner/Admin/Developer of .org)